Contrast/Colorblind Color Picker

Instructions for Screen Readers

  • Key Slider Instructions
    • Plus or Minus 1 Step. Press the Right and Left Arrow keys to move 1 step.
    • Alternate Plus or Minus 1 Step for Mac VoiceOver bug. Press Shift plus Page Up or Page Down to move 1 step. (Function Key plus Shift plus Up or Down Arrow Key)
    • Plus or Minus 10 Steps. Press the Page Up or Page Down. (Mac VoiceOver is Function plus Up or Down Arrow Key)
    • Move to Slider's Start or End Value. Press the Home or End Key. (Mac VoiceOver is Function plus Left or Right Arrow Key)
    • Get Update on Contrast Analysis. When Contrast Analysis Tool is Active, Clicking the Slider will Offer the Update of Pass or Fail for the current selection. (Mac Voice, Control plus Alt plus Spacebar)


Red for font color

Green for font color

Blue for font color

AlphaChannel for font color (only)

Font Color Conversion Options:


Red for background color

Green for background color

Blue for background color

Background Color Conversion Options: